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Packaging is to products what oxygen is to humans; it’s everywhere, for better or for worse. Many times, for worse. Therefore, we need to rethink how it should be according to the planet’s challenges. We need to understand our mistakes to mend the damage. We need to review if packaging is necessary. 

Lately, there has been a growing awareness of the capitalist system’s threat to life on our planet. This Master will reflect on our current economic and social model to understand where it comes from and where it can (should) go.


Marc Panero
ECTS credits
60 ECTS (400 hours)
September – July
Three mornings/week

The Master Beyond Packaging is backed up by Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, an institution with 60 years of experience sharing knowledge to design and transform the world. The school develops projects to generate and transfer knowledge, address present and future challenges and foster change.

Elisava is a space to become a professional with the skills needed to design products, services, and environments to create a more environmentally responsible, inclusive, and community-focused society.

Andreu Carulla
Founder (Andreu Carulla Studio) 

Andreu is the creative director of El Celler de Can Roca since 2009, he has designed the interiorism of Normal, Roca’s latest restaurant located in Girona. Andreu also runs a sister studio ACID and creative directs Isist Atelier and Calma, and his work has been widely awarded with many prizes, such as the Red Dot Design Award: Best of the Best and three ADI-FAD Delta Awards.

Master Beyond Packaging Elisava Curro Claret

Curro Claret
Founder (Studio Curro Claret)

Curro is a freelance designer focused on designing strategies and products for companies, institutions and collectives focusing on projects for the most vulnerable groups of society. He studied Industrial Design at Elisava and in Central St. Martins in London. He also works as a professor of industrial design in Elisava and has an on going collaboration with the FAD. 

Luis Eslava
Founder (Luis Eslava Studio)

After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, Luis worked for Camper and lived in Japan before coming to Spain, where he now combines his professional practice with academia as Elisava’s Head of Product Design, as well as tutor on some of the Masters. He centers his research and development in the creative process, the materiality of the objects, and in the bridge of craftsmanship with industrial processes. 

Borja Martínez
Founder and Creative Director (Lo Siento Studio)

Borja works in projects of graphic design and branding projects. After studying Industrial Design at Elisava, he moved to London to major in Graphic Design at the London College of Printing (today, London College of Communication). He combines his work as a creative director in Lo Siento with teaching in several universities of Arts & Design and he also collaborates with the FAD.  

Master Beyond Packaging Elisava Cristina Noguer

Cristina Noguer
Founder (IdeationLab) and Member (Existe Agency)

Cristina is the founder of IdeationLab, an in-house fablab with a network of professionals that help to envision the future of the perfumery industry. She holds an MFA in Interior Design from Parsons, New York; a B.Sc. in Industrial Design Engineering (B.Sc.) from Napier University, Edinburgh; and a B.Sc. in Product Development from Escola Politècnica Superior, Girona. She has worked for Puig and she now works as a multidisciplinary independent creative. She is also member of Existe Agency.   

Master Beyond Packaging Elisava Ingrid Picanyol

Ingrid Picanyol
Founder and Creative Director (Ingrid Picanyol Studio)

Ingrid is a creative director, graphic designer and photographer. She has been awarded with several Laus Awards and before heading her own studio, she worked with Suki Design Studio, RoAndCo (NYC), Javas Lehn Studio (NYC) and ByFutura (CDMX) and lived in cities like New York or Mexico City. 

Master Beyond Packaging Elisava Xavier Roca

Xavier Roca
Creative Director (Run Design)

Xavier graduated in Graphic Design at EINA School. After some time in Enric Aguilera Studio, he took part in the team lead by Fernando Gutiérrez and Pablo Martín in GRAFICA. Nowadays Xavi combines his professional work with teaching in Elisava, where he taughts in the areas of projects, corporate identity and packaging. 

Master Beyond Packaging Elisava Gerard Calm

Gerard Calm
CEO and Art Director (Zoo Studio)

Gerard is a graphic designer and art director, trained at the Escola d’Art i Disseny de Vic. After working in several design studios and as a freelance, his work has been recognised with many awards at the Laus, ADC*E, The Dieline, Evooleum, Selected 

Clara Guasch
Director (Girbau Lab)

Clara collaborates as a member of the Urban Innovation Platform for the Barcelona City Council, BitHabitat and Hemp the ClimateShe is an advocate for sustainable design, a field she encompasses as a professor of the Master in Design through New Materials in Elisava 

Montse Raventós
Founder (Ladyssenyadora)

Montse is a graphic designer specialized in brand image, editorial design, packaging and art direction. Montse believes in concept, in design being functional, in working as a group, in typography, in the pureness of materials and in less is more. 

This master shouldn’t exist; we believe that the best packaging is the absence of packaging. Even though we are far from reaching that point, we want to explore the path towards it.

Packaging is a discipline that intertwines product design, graphic design, industrial design and, of course, business and industry. The usual approach to packaging serves the objectives of companies, their business plans and marketing strategies; they often neglect the consequences on people and the planet. We are now turning this scheme around and putting citizens and the world first.

We need graphic designers, product designers, industrial designers, engineers and overall creative minds with a critical perspective to rethink packaging design. All together, we will change society by:

→ Proposing new business models
→ Using new materials
→ Thinking new systems
→ Creating new products
→ Designing new realities

It’s time to make a positive change in how and what we consume. 

El Tresor, Zoo Studio

Understanding packaging as…

→ a sociological matter.

→ a political matter.

→ an environmental matter.

→ a research matter.

→ a design matter.

Master Beyond Packaging
El Tresor, Zoo Studio

Instead of marketing strategies and brand values, what if we put the people at the centre of packaging design? For real? Because, right now, the future is asking us to look at our discipline from a disruptive point of view. We have to break ideas into pieces to rebuild concepts and create new, groundbreaking, challenging ways to make packaging.

For this matter, we will focus on unconventional views to thrive in a many times outdated environment, as the market usually is. We will explore these thoughts on projects like Sensorial Packaging and Emotional Packaging to encourage research and discovery, creating new and honest relationships between people and products.

Products are explained to the world through images and the signification of a photographic image is decisive.

Images have layers of deeper meaning beyond what they show on the surface: they can offer a valuable document of how a brand or project sees the world.

Minuet, Ingrid Picanyol
Perfumes by 27 87, Ingrid Picanyol

Can we create smart packaging? Could we interact with it? Could it help us in our day to day lives while being good for the environment? Many questions arise when thinking about the future of packaging (or its absence). Sensors that allow us to know the condition of food, thermochromic inks, IoT packaging or the Internet of Food are a few examples of technologies in the market very soon. It’s a fascinating story to write.

We will explore the boundaries of packaging, adding layers of information through technology. The future (of packaging) is there for us to seize.

Cultivare, Ladyssenyadora. Dance performance

Think that each project is unique and has its features, a way to understand packaging through performative action.

Ladyssenyadora will be in charge of this Performative packaging workshop, a chance to explore the uniqueness of products and their features, and a way to understand packaging through performative action. 

The idea will focus on creating unique packaging that will enhance and differentiate the particularities of the product through game-changing experimentation. We will turn things around, break what Design has traditionally stated, and think again. 

We believe that the process and result are inseparable; the social, cultural, geographical and political contexts shape doing, thinking and projecting. Reflecting on our personal experiences and collective design processes, we will look for singularity in our results.

Master Beyond Packaging Elisava
Cultivare, Ladyssenyadora. Label detail
Master Beyond Packaging Elisava
Cultivare, Ladyssenyadora. Final result
Master Beyond Packaging
Malla Fruit bowl, Curro Claret. Produced by H2o Gallery

We will design and think about packaging production using exclusively “out of use” materials and resources; it’s a way to look at what’s already made as a resource. We will focus on investigating resources and materials that are no longer used according to their original use to explore and develop “something” that adequately responds to all the different requirements we need. The market, the world, will be our field of play.

Master Beyond Packaging
Remix vol.1, Curro Claret. Produced by BD Barcelona Design
Master Beyond Packaging
Remix vol.1, Curro Claret. Produced by BD Barcelona Design
Master Beyond Packaging
Triticum Bread, Lo Siento Studio
Master Beyond Packaging
Triticum Bread, Lo Siento Studio

Senses are a vital part of experiencing any kind of contact with packaging.

Therefore, it is critical to have them in mind and work on the sensory adventure linked to a unit’s feeling, texture, and function or a collection of different packaging.

Its morphology, materials and finishes will help us tell a detailed story that can enhance the product itself. Beyond feeling, this is. 

Master Beyond Packaging
Matter, Cristina Noguer

The aim is to broaden the language of materials and the sensitivity of what surrounds us; we will give a new sense to packaging to study the cultural, emotional and traditional baggage. This will be our approach to think in a different, mind-blowing way, one that will enable questions and sustainable innovation. Emotional packaging arrives to acquire knowledge and a critical eye on our environmental and social impact decisions.

Master Beyond Packaging
Matter, Cristina Noguer
Master Beyond Packaging
Speculative project of mixing craft and technology, Cristina Noguer for PUIG

In luxury packaging, the form starts with the concept. It is about discovering, interpreting and translating the essence of the project in a unique form, in a real discourse that tells its own story. Therefore, luxury is mostly in the creativity and not only in the form and finishes. The true value is not tangible and goes beyond form.

Master Beyond Packaging
Costenc, Zoo Studio
Master Beyond Packaging
Costenc, Zoo Studio
Master Beyond Packaging
Master Beyond Packaging

→ Disruptive model: Forgo

Sustainability is an everyday thing. Swedish company Form Us With Love challenges the personal care industry with a game-changing concept; they hack traditional hand wash (usually sold in plastic bottles) by creating a glass bottle, filling it with water and mixing it with powder soap. One small paper sachet contains the essential ingredients needed to turn regular tap water into an entire bottle of foaming hand wash, which is a wake-up call to the status quo of packaging. This is where clean conscience begins. 


Master Beyond Packaging Elisava
GoneShells: Bio-based degradable packaging, Tomorrow Machine and Eckes-Granini

→ Edible Packaging: Tomorrow Machine

GoneShells is an innovative concept of biodegradable materials that challenges our conventional idea of how a packaging can be designed with the aim of offering an alternative to paper, plastic and glass for packaging of food.


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